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  Ferodo ® DS Performance brake pads are designed for the driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance.

Designed to provide the kind of braking power normally associated with race cars – all without the need to build up and maintain high operating temperatures, which makes it a perfect option for performance street vehicles. DS Performance has been developed to deliver great comfort, combining passenger car refinement with pedigree performance.

With rigorous testing and development including extensive road and race circuit trials, DBA have finally found the perfect brake pad match to compliment the CLUBSPEC range of performance brake rotors. To add to this, Ferodo ® DS Performance brake pads and CLUBSPEC rotors have been used as the preferred product of choice for over four years by V8 Race in all their vehicles.

…kind to your Discs

Ferodo DS Performance brake pads are formulated to maximise disc life without losing the friction life characteristics associated with Ferodo products.

…and ready to perform

Ferodo DS Performance brake pads are supplied to you ‘ready to perform’ which reduces the bedding-in process.

With over 200 Ferodo DS part references available, DBA will initially range 30 part numbers. These will cover the most popular local and Japanese performance vehicles.

The Ferodo DS formulation is also well suited for vehicles that require a higher level of braking efficiency, vehicles such as the Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser which has also included in the initial stock range.

Key Pad Features

Track Level Friction for reduced stopping distance
Excellent Performance in all conditions (hot/cold/wet/dry)

This operation is made on all of the DS PF range. Scorching consists of “burning” the surface of the pad. This significantly reduces the bedding-in time when pads are fitted onto the vehicle.

DS Performance Pads - Scroching

Thermal under-layer minimises fluid boil
Applied to the entire DS PF range
Thin layer of specific mix pressed between the  back-plate and the friction material.
Works as thermal barrier minimising heat transfer from the caliper to the brake fluid circuit.
Low compressibility and wide thermal range

Ferodo DS Performance Pads are supplied to you “Ready to Perform” which means that they reach maximum efficiency after only one or two brake applications.

With a μ even during fade of 0.55+ DS PF pads deliver a superb performance both hot and cold. Excellent wet recovery properties, great resistance to fade and consistent pedal feel complete all requirements for a safe, reliable and efficient high performance brake pad


As braking temperatures rise, DS Performance continues to deliver consistent and reliable braking. This graph illustrates an impressively stable friction level, rising slightly as the pads work harder (the blue points) in response to rising temperatures (the red trace).