May 23

4WD豐田陸地巡洋艦 200 系列剎車距離測試

奇怪, 當涉及到四輪驅動的剎車升級往往被忽視. 他們是簡單, 成本效益和工作非常好,以提高性能和安全性, 但不管他們常常拖著到許多嶄露頭角的四驅車愛好者的修改列表的底部.

At DBA we take great pride in not only manufacturing quality products, but also showing how and why they work. Which is why we decided to put one of our most straightforward brake disc upgrades to the test, on the much beloved 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser. Nothing overtly complicated, just a standardized emergency braking test from 100km/h to standstill, with both an OEM brake setup, and then DBA’s disc upgrade – without changing the physical size (diameter) of the discs themselves, or the calipers.

For the sake of not only parity, 而且精度, 試驗進行了德國AMS測試的標準, 哪裡 10 全ABS剎車停止從百公里每小時進行,以快速連續0公里每小時, 測量溫度超過制動能力的有效性.
A V-Box的數據採集系統進行擬合, 與轉子相連的盤溫度採集熱電偶. V型箱被選為它產生的數據是包羅萬象, 從停在米的距離,以停車時間記錄一切, 制動, 車速和更其中金屬符合肉.

one two

不想錯過任何細節, 200系列陸地巡洋艦首次採取跨地磅揭開我們處理的空載重量的具體數額 - 約 3 噸, 因為這樣橫空出世.
隨後而來與標準OEM制動盤和墊首測. 在陸地巡洋艦進行 10 制動停止距離百公里每小時到靜止, 臨門. 不出所料, 大豐田汽車遭受了一些嚴重的制動失效, progressively growing the distance to stop and utterly cooking the brakes in the process. Braking performance was quite severely compromised. By the time the Landcruiser arrived back at the workshop to have the upgrade fitted, the OEM brakes had revealed that they were a white-hot mess, while the brake pad material had decayed significantly into a crumbling pile of fried charcoal. They were no longer serviceable by any means.

three four

The DBA upgrade was then fitted to the Landcruiser, consisting of 4×4 Survival Series T3 4000 開槽盤, DS性能剎車片菲羅多性能DOT5.1制動液. 該DBA 4000 T3開槽周圍牽引重量而4WDing當DBA光盤的處理尤其更先進的制動情況下作出, 他們配備了DBA的專利袋鼠爪葉片通風系統, 它通過了單獨優於直葉片的轉子 20% 通過增加散熱.
再次 200 系列的巡洋艦完成 10 制動停止距離百公里每小時到靜止, 臨門. 它立即變得明顯,不僅是陸地巡洋艦拉起持續改善,, but it was performing increasingly well the hotter the brakes got. No brake fade was evident by the 10th and final stop.

five six

After the test, the team went straight for the V-Box data to solidify the seat-of-pants improvement and discovered that the DBA upgrade was able to consistently decelerate the Landcruiser at an additional 1.52 metres per second, for a total 100km/h to standstill time of 4.3 seconds on average.
The DBA upgrade also shortened the stopping distance by 6.5 metres on average, and at the time that the DBA setup was at standstill, the OEM setup was still travelling at 37km/h in the unladen Landcruiser – which is where the real difference is found.
An unladen 3 tonne vehicle hitting a stationary object at 37km/h is not only a hefty hit, but add in extra weight like additional passengers, a boat trailer, caravan, camping gear or a hauled load, and it becomes evident why a brake upgrade is worth its weight in gold. It’s a safety improvement we’re proud of, 它為什麼水泥DBA升級對四驅車的使用, 重裝甲艦隊, 公路列車,並在全球軍事應用.


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