Jun 27

COX Continues Their VW Golf Race Program with DBA T3

We reported not too long ago that long-time supporters of DBA, COX Customer Centre, were campaigning a pair of Golf’s in the Tsukuba Super Battle, one of which (a Golf GTE) was the first Plug-In-Hybrid vehicle ever entered.

It brings us great pleasure to announce that COX are still pursuing their Golf race program, fresh off the back of last year’s success at Tsukuba, with plenty more to come for the race enthusiasts.

COX have recently displayed some of their hardware – including a car (Golf 7R) of theirs – during a Volkswagen Day at Odaiba in Tokyo, and the team are planning to run the Golf 7R with the corresponding DBA brake discs later this month.

Weights for each disc can be found below:

■Golf7 R DBA 1pc 4000 T3 series Disc – 11.5kg.

■Golf7 R DBA 2pc 5000 T3 series Disc – 9.8kg.

The Golf R is a formidable little beast at the best of times, so with the added performance and nominal unsprung weight reduction, COX are understandably expecting to see some impressive times on the board.

Stay tuned because this certainly isn’t the last we’ve heard from them.